Build a local community of developers or draw on the resources of others

Open source

Image module
Open source
  • Dual licensing model. Choose an open-source or commercial licence.
  • Source code freely available – choose open-source and contribute to the project
  • Choose a commercial licence to protect your changes or licence derivatives
  • No inferior copies! The Tamanu name and logos are copyright and cannot be licenced for anything other than the original, community-led, open-source version except with permission
  • Open source version is free, forever. Annual support is available (at a fee) or contract out to other providers.

Overall system environment

Flexible but free. Software for good, built on a sustainable model.
Commercial Licence
Name and logos copyright
Our vision: Free, open-source software, with all contributions considered for inclusion in the original source code. Derivations welcomed (under licence) but where the name Tamanu is seen, people will have confidence that it is the original, great product it is intended to be.

Check it out here!

Ask for a demo or download Tamanu and try it for yourself. Realise this is the EMR solution you’ve been waiting for.
Choose your licence type. Most users should select our open-source licence but some will have need of a commercial licence.
Work out your local configuration needs in collaboration with our expert team.
Undertake implementation and training with our specialist trainers, outsource to another provider or run internally. Celebrate go-live!!
Set up an annual service agreement to cover support desk, debugging, project expansion, version up-to-date and refresher training. We can provide this or outsource to another provider.
Our suggestion:

Choose the free, open-source licence in low and middle income settings. We recommend our expert training and annual service agreements.