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Who we are, where we’ve come from

Who owns Tamanu?

Beyond Essential Systems

Beyond Essential Systems (BES) is a small Australian company that developed and implemented Tupaia. Their team is made up of health staff, software developers and epidemiologists. Our lead staff have all spent over a decade – their entire careers – working in health systems in Asia-Pacific and have an intimate knowledge of what is needed and what is possible.

BES aim to be transparent and sustainable – we need to generate revenue to keep running but where our profits exceed our need for sustainability, we put the money back into our projects.

BES has worked in Asia, Africa and the Pacific for organisations including DFAT, WHO, Global Fund, PATHS2, Save The Children and mSupply to strengthen health systems.


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Our main partners

mSupply (Sustainable Solutions)

Sustainable Solutions make mSupply, which is the most widely used LMIS for health supply chains in low resource settings around the world. We have partnered with them to bring you Tamanu and we benefit enormously from their two decades of experience implementing eHealth projects across the globe.

Their reason for doing this is that we long for a better world. A world where people have access to the medicines they need and people receive the healthcare they deserve.

mSupply: “We know that when you choose a system it’s a big investment, and you’re wanting a system that will be around in 10 or 20 years. We are committed to being there for you as long as you need us.

“We also know that over the next 20 years there’ll be huge changes in the way technology affects healthcare, and we’re determined to be responsive – creating software that copes with a world connected by handheld devices, a world of shared data, and a world where robustness and security become even more important.”


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Our inspiration


Developed by Cure International and a worldwide team of contributors, HospitalRun is a brilliantly conceived open-source hospital information system available here. Tamanu Desktop borrows heavily from the design concepts and functionality of HospitalRun, as well as imitating their ‘offline first’ philosophy.

After a lot of internal discussions – and amazing conversations with the legends at HospitalRun – we decided to design Tamanu a little differently, so we’re not a forked version of HospitalRun – but it remains at the heart of Tamanu. We took our inspiration from them also in ensuring that Tamanu is free and open-source – but if we don’t meet your needs, check out HospitalRun too!

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